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Learn About the Factors & Habits that Weaken Bones. Discover How to Reverse that Process

MAGNA Bones Power Formula

D3 K2 - vitmain d-2 with k-2

D3-K2 MAGNA Flow

Flow calcium out of the blood and INTO the bones.

MAGNA MAX Minerals

Prevent your body from stealing minerals out of your bones by having plenty of important minerals available for use in the body's process of neutralizing acidic blood.   Chronic acidic blood = continually weakened bones.
MAGNACAL -coralcalcium-magna-cal

Coral Calcium



OMEGA3 EPA DHA helps support strong bones. 

MAGNA KOR Baseline Super Nutrient Supplementation Program

If you want strong bones you can't just only supplement for bones while ignoring the broad spectrum of nutrients your body needs and would love to have.  Our body is a complex system of checks and balances.  And in order for bone support supplements, diets and training programs to work optimally one needs a full spectrum of nutrients.  This is why we have created the MAGNA KOR Series program of supplements and training. Find out more...

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