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We have a new policy for contact. Due to excessive spam please contact us through newsletter. Can join below. Simply reply to any message. You'll get one right away after you sign up. This way we can better avoid the ridiculous amounts of spam they get sent out. If we don't manage spam then we won't be able to manage any customer support! Thank you

You may contact us regarding the following: Questions on your order. Questions on a product. Questions on our affiliate program. Please do understand that because of the industry we can not give you any sort of recommendation or advice and we will not reply to questions or emails that ask such questions. We cannot recommend you a program. These are all very low price so understand that it's a low-risk in order to increase your knowledge and understanding, wild being a very valuable investment in our opinion.

Regarding specific questions about your own health, advice on what you should do and what you should take etc. will simply be ignored so don't ask them so you won't be offended. We're not allowed to answer those. Why?

Because only your licensed health-care professional can give you individualized advice. So please find a knowledgeable healthcare professional who can provide you guidance directly working with you on an individualized basis. This is actually important and more than just disclaimer speak. Healthcare professionals can measure your detail vitals and tell you if you're actually making progress or not. On the other hand it's also important that you find someone who actually knows what they're talking about and won't lead you astray thereby making your bones worse.

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