The premise of this website is due to inspiration created by  internal inspiration to achieve a certain mastery over Bones! Additionally when my own mother mention to me how she was “diagnosed” with osteoporosis I decided to step up the pace and solve the problem, to identify the root causes and reverse engineer a solution.  And that I did!

On this site we have several powerful bones solutions, much more powerful, effective and safe vs. what one traditionally hears about on average.   You can see these solutions from our products page.

There are so many factors that can lead to weak bones theses days, that most do not like to admit. Not many are concerned about root causes or the habits or activities one does that could lead to a problem. How can you solve a problem if you don’t know what’s causing the problem?  You can’t.  You can provide a temporary patch fix but if the root cause is not reversed then the problem will simply return.  We cover many of theses hidden and not so obvious in our Hideous Hidden & Not So Hidden Factors that Deplete Bone Strength product for example.

; the factors from one’s environment; the factors from one’s intake of foods or other substances; emotional factors; kinetic factors; recuperation factors or lack thereof from activities, overuse or injury and so on…

And further than that I sought to discover the root causes of weak bones and modern factors that contribute extra to the weakening of Bones.  I’m no spring chicken either so I found it very important to know.  So by applying various health systems, strategies, scientific approaches, logical approaches, honed intuition and practical mindset for fixing things “mr. fixit” with over 3 decades of experience in doing so, I took on bone health maximization.  Additionally, you get my insight from the athletic world, personal training world, medical world and bodybuilding that I have used to develop many, many advanced health systems, fixes for myself which will provide new and creative approaches for generating POWERFUL bones.

Fortunately there has been extensive research already performed from many angles across the world. And by combining the research with my ability to back engineer, and reverse engineer a health problem to a fix as noted many times over in the past I figured I would contribute towards the awareness and understanding of what makes bones strong, how to apply what makes bones strong, identify what makes bones weak and how to avoid what makes bones weak.

I believe many people across the planet will benefit for my angle and approach so therefore check out our articles and products. Knowledge and understanding of how to make and keep strong bones through the investment of very small price points for this education could save and help you make, thousand, hundred of thousands, millions and so on by avoiding potentially major or catastrophic health issues later while increasing your overall confidence through the increasing of your utmost core structural stability which I believe lens to helping an individual increase their actual confidence. And when confidence is high combined with a feeling of great health then just about anything can be achieved by an individual.

Do understand that we need strong AND flexible bones. Bones need to have a certain amount of flexibility and not be hard and brittle. Too many approaches for “bone strength” cause bones to actually become hard and brittle while causing a whole host of other health problems in the process. (i.e. jaw disintegration anyone?… yikes. This just recently happened to a family friend and the guy starved to death!)

Do you know that the process of making strong bones can also lead to strong teeth? Also the process of making bones strong naturally can lead to a whole host of other great health benefits. It will be exciting to know and understand the knowledge that we have discovered so you can empower yourself in your own pursuit of strong bones and optimal Health.

But upfront, just understand that we all need to work with a knowledgeable, healthcare professional who can help us on an individual level because we need to know what’s going on inside our body and we need to keep things in good balance. The knowledgeable Healthcare professional also has a lot of knowledge and understanding from their education and experience from which you can potentially gain. They can also help you avoid getting into trouble. We also need to know the current state of our body inside and out so we can develop an effective and appropriate approach that is best suited for us an individual basis for strong bones and a healthcare professional will have the ability to monitor your overall health inside and out. That’s not just disclaimer talk but it’s also very smart and logical. The key is to find someone who’s actually knowledgeable and effective as a healthcare professional. And on that note if you are a knowledgeable and effective Healthcare professional who likes to also incorporate a natural and logical approach then contact us so we can let others know about your services.

As we teach you our logic and understanding of our health fix approaches it will empower you to develop your own approaches while potentially helping you avoid problems as well. We think you will really enjoy my inside as we cross apply advanced recuperative nutrition concepts in combination with ways, yes ways of moving and doing exercise, even very intense exercise all in coordination with our body’s own biofeedback system. Yes, everything in our approach to health improvement is based on the cornerstone of continual dynamic biofeedback awareness and processing.

So in conclusion then, on MAGNABONES we have created health education, research and reporting in combination with systems, strategies, protocols, diets and exercise programs that we developed for our selves. We cannot tell you what to do nor can we give you advice personally. But we can share with you what we have discovered for our own selves. It’s up to you to work with your healthcare professional to figure out your own health solutions.

Thanks – Team MAGNA BONES &  MAGNA “Fixit”

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